Habitat landscapes are essential for wildlife!

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~ Albert Einstein

At Habitat Landscapes, we’re committed to growing communities with a deeper respect for living beauty.  We want everyone to experience the wonder of Nature each and every day, and habitat gardens allow you to do just that.  We want to share our knowledge about habitat landscapes, supporting wildlife, and protecting nature.


There is nothing like watching momma birds feed their babies or hearing their songs.  We share which plants to use to attract and feed birds and the particulars on bird seed and providing water. Learn more on how to attract birds to your garden. 


Everyone everywhere should have a butterfly garden!  Here we explain how to attract butterflies to your garden by using different types of host and nectar plants.  Choosing the right type of plants for butterflies is essential to having them in your habitat landscape.


Hummingbirds are such tiny creatures yet they make a huge impact on us humans.  We’re all so fascinated with how fast their wings flap.  Here we share with you how to attract hummingbirds to our garden and how to care for hummingbird feeders.  Just be sure to have your camera ready to capture these tiny birds feeding.                                     


Bee populations are in severe decline and they are the main pollinators responsible for the reproduction of many plants, nuts and berries we eat.  Each of us is in a position to help restore bee populations if we just plant the foods that bees need in our yards.  Learn how to help bees by planting native plants and trees in your garden. 

Enjoy learning about the essentials for wildlife!