Neighborhood & Apartments

Neighborhood & Apartments

Enhance your neighborhood or apartment community with a habitat garden!

" . . .and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?" ~ Vincent van Gogh

Habitat-Landscapes offers professional design and installation of habitat gardens for neighborhoods and apartments.    Everything we do at Habitat Landscapes is done to bring Nature closer to your community.  We will design and install your garden using native plants and water features to attract songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies, lady bugs, and many other beautiful wildlife.

We all know that incorporating a habitat garden into your neighborhood or apartment community will help protect the environment.  A patch of bright-colored flowers and native perennials in a sea of concrete will be a magnet for pollinating birds and butterflies.  But, did you know that 87% of people believe having a green area has a positive effect on the community, 35% believe it decreases social segregation, and that exposure to Nature increases people's care and compassion for one another? Green spaces promote social interaction. People who live close to these areas know more about their neighbors, take a keener interest in their community and have a stronger sense of belonging!  Why not improve your community? Get together with your neighbors, or contact your apartment management or homeowner's association and build a habitat garden together.

We would love to bring Nature closer to your community.  Let us help you design and install a habitat landscape garden that is right for your neighborhood or apartment community.  Schedule your onsite landscape consultation today, or contact us for more information.