Habitat landscapes for corporations offer many benefits!

"Companies pay tons of money for off-site team-building things, or bring in high-paid, high-powered consultants.  They can accomplish the same things with seeds and a strip of land." ~ Steve Bates

Habitat-Landscapes offers professional design and installation of habitat gardens for corporations and retail stores.  Everything we do at Habitat Landscapes is done to bring the wonder of Nature closer to your customers and employees.  We will design your corporate or retail garden using native plants to attract songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies, lady bugs and many other beautiful wildlife.

Companies receive multiple benefits when using native plantings in their landscaping. Of course, the most obvious is the living beauty that comes from the native plants and the colorful wildlife they attract, but it goes much deeper than that.  Studies have shown that being around plants improves relationships between people and increases their concern and empathy towards others – teambuilding becomes much easier.  When employees have the option to get outside and be with nature, it sparks creativity and promotes new ideas.  Green spaces have the ability to actually improve concentration, and just 20 minutes a day spent interacting with nature produces a statistically measurable positive effect on feeling energized, vital, alert and positive. If you are in retail, studies show that consumers are willing to pay, on average, a 12% premium for goods purchased in establishments that are accompanied by quality landscaping.

In addition to boosting work performance, creating a native landscape the entire community can enjoy is a public relations win!  Your company suddenly is viewed as one who cares about community and the environment.  More creative and efficient employees, helping the environment, sharing the outdoors with the community, saving water, and you have a very compelling reason to design and install a habitat landscape for your organization.  Fortune reports both small firms and big Fortune 500 companies are all investing in gardening, don’t you think your company should consider it as well?  Contact us today to schedule a consultation!