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Bringing Nature Closer To You Is Our Passion


Nancy PayneEverything we do at Habitat Landscapes is done to bring Nature closer to you. It is our vision and mission to help others experience the wonders of Nature by bringing Nature closer to each of us, every day. 
In our store you’ll find beautiful products that bring the beauty of Nature closer to you, whether you are in your home or habitat garden. We also love to design and install habitat landscapes for your home, corporations, retirement communities, neighborhoods, apartments, and schools. You can visit our gallery where you'll see images that showcase many of our projects.  And, if your group or organization wants to learn more about habitat landscaping, our team offers education opportunities. 

What is a habitat landscape (habitat garden)?  A habitat landscape is one that focuses on using native plants and water features to attract wildlife - those colorful songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies we all love!  Aesthetically these landscapes are beautiful and have much more to offer than a  typical, conventional landscape with greenery and seasonal annuals that must be replaced each year. 

Why are habitat landscapes so important?  Habitat-Landscapes believes it is vitally important to grow communities with a deeper respect for living beauty because there is incredible beauty, wonder and a sense of peace that is found in Nature. In addition, we have an urgency to protect Nature because urbanization is taking over – our rural areas that have served as the feeding grounds for small wildlife are disappearing.  Bees, Monarch butterflies and many birds are being threatened with extinction due to this loss of habitat.  The good news is that just because we have been short-sighted in our planning and development doesn’t mean all is lost.  Most species can live quite nicely right alongside us if their most basic ecological needs are met.  This is where habitat landscapes come in.  Habitat landscapes benefit both humans and Nature.  We can provide the food and protection our wildlife needs and, in turn, experience the wonder and peacefulness of Nature. 

Nancy Payne is the owner and visionary for Habitat-Landscapes.  Nancy bridges the gap between corporate executives and gardeners.  She brings 22 years of corporate and nonprofit managerial experience and an MBA degree, CumLaude, from Babson College to her habitat landscaping projects.  She has 9 years of experience working with organizations and homeowners to create habitat landscapes.  She owned her own garden design firm, Organica Garden Design, for 5 years before launching her latest venture.  Nancy served as a Garden Consultant for North Haven Gardens, a premier garden center in Dallas. 

Nancy Payne working in a gardenWhile working as a Garden Designer for REAL School Gardens, she installed 40 habitat gardens in elementary schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Her latest projects include consulting on a 6,000 square feet habitat garden for the Valley Ranch Homeowners Association and the design of a demonstration habitat garden for the Dallas Zoo. She has written gardening articles for The Irving Journal and for the Valley Ranch Newsletter. Nancy is a Dallas County Master Gardener, is certified as a Texas Certified Nursery Professional with the Texas Nursery Landscape Association and is certified in landscaping with native plants by the Native Plant Society of Texas.

Our  Philosophy: What is important to us?

Your Relationship

  • Bringing the wonder of Nature closer to you
  • Helping you build a sustainable landscape
  • Listening, to meet your goals
  • Earning your trust
  • High quality and care in everything we install

Helping Wildlife

Improving Communities

  • Creating wonder in everyone that experiences a habitat landscape
  • Creating lasting bonds between community members
  • Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary
  • Inspiring with living beauty
  • Bringing out the child in everyone










We encourage you to explore our site and to learn about habitat landscaping.  We hope you will enjoy the information we bring you and will contact us if you have any questions.  Sign up for our newsletter for for tips on how you can bring Nature closer to you, get notices of upcoming events, and announcements about new products and sales.  You can also follow us on our blog, or on social media . . . we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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