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The Vision and Mission of Habitat LandscapesButterfly on flower


Vision: Everybody, every day, experiences the wonder of Nature

Our vision is every community teeming with song birds, colorful butterflies, and other small living beauty that create wonder and peacefulness, in everyone, every day.  Habitats filled with native plants and beautiful wildlife build bonds between people, connecting communities, where everyone cares for each other and for Nature.

Girl sitting under a tree enjoying nature and a cardinal landed on the laptop in her lap



Mission: We bring the living beauty of Nature closer to you

Habitat Landscapes partners with businesses, organizations, and individuals to grow communities with deeper respect for living beauty.  We do this by building habitat landscapes using native plants that attract song birds, colorful butterflies and other wildlife, because people who are surrounded by Nature are happier.  And, happy people make better communities.  Every habitat landscape we build brings us a step closer to connecting all communities in a way that supports the wildlife that creates wonder and peacefulness, in everyone, every day. 

Join the movement!  Let us design and install your Habitat Landscape, introduce you to products that bring Nature closer to you, and deliver education opportunities for all to experience the wonder of Nature.