Imagine our Cities Covered With A Quilt of Native Gardens

Posted by Nancy Payne 01/07/2016 0 Comment(s)


Imagine the day when our cities are covered with a quilt of native gardens.  Where every home and every business has planted a native garden.  When birds and butterflies delight because we are providing everything they need to live and raise their families in our urban gardens; When every one of us is inspired by the wonders of Nature surrounding us EVERY DAY – like the magical song of birds and colorful flight of butterflies all around us.  Imagine!


Looking back and cherishing the best Habitat Landscapes’ moments of 2015 is one of the many ways I stay inspired to keep planting habitat gardens. One garden at a time…


We get great joy in building habitat gardens - 2015 was a great year!  With great passion we designed gardens that christalize what the owner envisions; whether that is a relaxing place where they can attract birds, hummingbirds and butterflies, or a fun place for their children to play amongst  birds and butterflies. 


With great excitement we selected quality native plants that feed and house wildlife. We took great care in preparing the soil with compost -  then dug in to carefully plant natives for wildlife!


Lastly, we decorated the garden to serve wildlife.  We added all types of water features, from a simple bird bath, to beautiful ponds to attract thirsty birds and adorable dragonflies. And, we added many beatiful birdhouses that decorate the gardens while protecting birds. For the final touch, we added confortable and durable outdoor furniture where our friends and clients can spend countless hours bonding in Nature.


To top of all the fun we have designing and installing habitat gardens, we get to see the delighted faces of the new owners when they see their first butterfly arrive!  One of them told us: "Now I just want to plant milkweeds all over our community!" Others send us pictures to share their first baby butterfly caterpilars.


We also enjoyed giving back to our community.  Converting the Beacon Hill and Lakeside Homeowner's Association to an organic maintenance program was one of our main accomplishments in 2015.  Now, 330 homes are cared for organically.  No more harsh chemicals in our community.  We continue to devote time to design and implement large community habitat gardens for all to enjoy.


So much of what we do is facilitated by our great partners:  Texas Native Plant Society, Redenta's Garden Center, North Haven Gardens, Southwest Wholesale Nursery, Dallas County Master Gardeners and Master Naturists, and the National Wildlife Federation.  We work and learn with a great team of people dedicated to our gardens, nature, wildlife and pollinators.


We will continue to bring the wonder of Nature closer to planting one habitat garden at a time... until our city is covered.



Happy gardening!







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